MOV Healing Strings

MOV Healing String Recreational Therapy Program


Mid-Ohio Valley Healing Strings was founded by a group of local area Veterans and volunteers. The primary goal of MOV Healing Strings is to help Veterans, suffering from PTSD, with coping skills utilizing Recreational Therapy through music. 

The 12-week guitar instructional sessions will be provided on a 2-1 Ratio. MOV Healing Strings will provide the student with a temporary instructional guitar and instruction materials as well as patient instructors who will guide the Veteran on how to play guitar throughout the 12-week program. All instructors are volunteers and there is no cost to the Veteran.

Upon successful completion of the 12-week course, each student receives a Guitar Pack that includes a New Guitar, Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Picks, Extra Set of Strings, Capo, and Instruction book.

The approximate cost of the guitar packs is $250.00. 

The first instructional class started on May 22, 2018 in Parkersburg and we currently have over 30 Veteran on our waiting list. 

We are raising funds to buy the Guitar Packs for graduating students. There are several ways in which you can donate.

You can donate to MOV Healing Strings by visiting any local Peoples Bank branch and donating to We Have Your Six c/o MOV Healing Strings program.

You can also donate to MOV Healing Strings by visiting We Have Your Six’s website and clicking on MOV Healing Strings tab and then the donate button.


You can mail a donation to MOV Healing Strings c/o We Have Your Six, P.O. Box 1974, Parkersburg, WV 26102

You can also donate at CA House of Music and Specialty Traders. Just ask the staff to designate the donation to the MOV Healing Strings account. 

Remember, not only is your donation tax deductible, but you are helping Veterans learn new coping skills to better control the symptoms of their PTSD.

For additional information, contact Chapter Coordinator 

Richard Neff at (304) 386-4465 or 

Chapter Co-Coordinator John Sprigg at (304) 481-1832