We Have Their Six, Do You?

The Inspirational Story That Started It All

A few years ago, during a particularly freezing West Virginia night, five homeless veterans, seeking to get out of the blistering cold, visited a local homeless shelter.
Unfortunately, they were not the only ones seeking to get out of the cold.
The shelter told the veterans that they only had two more beds available. Instead of deciding which two would get to sleep in a warm bed that night, all five veterans walked away, together, into the cold, freezing night.
This type of dedication and loyalty for one another did not go unnoticed. It's that "Never leave a man behind" mindset that inspired our dream: to ensure that every military veteran, who served his or her country with honor, will never be homeless, again.
Unfortunately, the above is a true story and is the inspiration behind We Have Your Six 

Muster Up, Buttercup!

It's so easy to click the like and share button on a Facebook post that allows you to proclaim your support for U.S. military veterans. What did that take you?  All of two seconds?

Where's the effort in that?

We Have Your Six is calling you out!!

Muster up Buttercup!

We are challenging you to prove you support veterans, by helping us make sure that our heroes, who have slept on the frozen ground during WWII; who have slept on the beaches of Korea during Operation Chromite; who have slept in the jungles of Vietnam in the pouring rain; who have slepts in the desert heat and freezing cold during Desert Storm/ Desert Shield; who have slept propped up with their backs against a sand bunker in Somalia; who are, right this very minute, sleeping in the freezing temperatures of the mountains and the heat of the desert sands in Afghanistan, that will refuse to allow these men and women to return home and find themselves sleeping on ground in the United States of America!

Not On Our Watch!

It's obvious that homeless U.S. military veterans need our help. So, what are you going to do about it? Beat your gums on another mamby, pamby Facebook status or are going to take real action to support our military men and women? 

Prove to our military veterans that you truly do have their Six when they need it most! Repeat after us, "Not On Our Watch!"

Donate to We Have Your Six to help ensure that our military men and women are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Help Us Give Our Veterans A Warm Place to Sleep

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